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Creative Play Therapy


When one enters the world of the Child, one enters the world of Fantasy, Myth, Story and Symbol - the world of the Imagination.  From the imagination, the child learns values of what is true as well as the meaning of good and evil, justice, and rightful outcome.  The fairy tale and story, appeals to the child's imagination - which the creative play therapist fosters and encourages, from which the child learns and adopts the values of - love, compassion and initiative, and personal strength -- allowing for the hidden potentials to emerge through growth and transformation.  Through creative and therapeutic play, a healthy self confidence, and a positive view of oneself emerges - allowing for strength in decision making in real-life situations. 

Therapeutic Play offers the child a safe place in which to play out, rather than speak of troubling thoughts and emotions through the 'toys' offered.  These toys includes (but not limited to) -- Clay, Sand & Water, Drawing & Art Materials, Handmade toys, dolls, and puppets for fantasy - , Creative Visualization, Movement and Music, and other toys to enact real-life scenario's.  Through the warm and supportive relationship with the therapist - a bond is formed allowing the client to express disturbing thoughts and emotions -- to make sense of their worlds!  Through the Play, the therapist uses developmental means to assist the child in letting go of limiting feelings in order to develop healthy coping mechanisms to be used in Real Life!



Who Can Benefit?



Victims of Abuse/ Neglect/ Physical, Sexual, Emotional Trauma 
Trauma from alcoholic and unhealthy family systems
Family Violence/ Divorce - Separation --
Medical Illness 
Grief & Loss
Social Challenges
Depression and Anxiety







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