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Jungian Sandplay

  One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, buy by making the darkness, conscious

                                       Carl Jung

  "Sandplay Therapy is a nonverbal expressive therapeutic method which stems from the works of Carl Jung, and the english Play Therapist, Margaret Lowenfeld. The sandplay process provides an immediate body experience and the ability to awaken immaginative and creative forces within the individual.  The journey of sandplay, tells a powerful story -- with the individual working with the natural material of sand and water -- and creating 'a world', with the figures selected."

In this current age and time, rushing towards the future, the simplicity and depth of sandplay provides a space for contact with the inner symbolic world.  The psyche posesses the capacity to heal itself within the right conditions. Like our physical wounds that heal under beneficial conditions, the psyche has an instinctual wisdom that emerges when able to operate naturally.  Sandplay is an active-hands on psychological process that facilitates the psyche's natural capacity for healing.  In a safe container provided by a trained sandplay therapist the client creates in physical form images of the imagination using sand, wayer, and miniature objects.  With time and understanding a sandplay process can lead the client into layers of experience, often pre-verbal -- long forgotten.  Through this process of the emergence of conscious archetypal symbols -- the client moves towards balance & wholeness.

The spirit of Jung's practice of the imagination is more present today in Sandplay than in transference-based analysis.

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