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Sandplay Story


   There are many parts of me, there are many parts of you.  Like a big jigsaw puzzle - we fit together.  See what a beautiful picture we are?  I am connected to you, you are connected to me.  I am connected to the trees, stars, the sand - and so are you.   One day, a long time ago - I was a lonely 'piece', all by myself.  It was dark.  I was afraid.  I sat still, and people would walk past me.  I felt safe, when I was quiet.  But I was sad.  Mr sun came up and Mr sun went down - day after day! -- nothing changed.  One day I felt a shadow come between me and Mr. sun.  Looking up I saw a silhouette.  A little hand reaching to to me - holding a basket made of straw.  Get up and follow me, came a soft voice.  She sounded nice, so I followed her.   You look so sad, she said.  I was sad once, and a special friend gave me a basket and took me to the 'sandbox'.  I don't think you have ever been there before.  I want to show you the sandbox.  I have a key to unlock this door, she said.  When the door opened, I saw a sandbox on a table , and shelves and shelves full of toys - figurines - feathers - snakes - little, around the world people.  Everything you could imagine.  She said -- take the basket and fill it with whatever you like ----- then put the treasures into the sandbox, anyway you want.... Soon my basket was full, and I walked to the sandbox ---- putting a rock there---a tree there---a feather there, a figurine there!  The bottom of the sandbox was beautiful -- painted blue -- it was water, maybe sky!  When I was done, I wasn't sure if it was right!  The little girl, asked me if I wanted to come back!    Yes, I guess...........The key unlocked the door and once again I was back in the room of toys and the Sandbox.  Months went by, days of playing in the sand.  Listening to stories told by the Little Girl - .  Each time I would return home, I saw more things.  Mr Sun, Mother Earth, Grandma Moon, birds looking at me while flying high in the sky.  Rocks of many shapes & colors telling a story while they rested on the groud, spiders spinning their web.  Children laughing!  Images of quiet deserts.  People of many colors & shapes & hearts.  Everything seemed free.  I saw vibrant colors, sounds, smells and touch.  Touching me, maybe I wasn't alone after all.  I saw death & dark storm.   Clouds crying rain.  I saw a rainbow.  I saw rainbows everywhere.  Wildly, I began coloring, painting, writing, singing, dancing, ringing the bell.  Ringing the bell imagining the sound rolling out like ripples in water - out past Mr Sun, Grandmother Moon, Sister Star ---- and beyond.....Then one day with the ringing of the bell --One day,  I saw me, sitting alone one the floor -- a little girl!  She was sad.  She showed me - me, in the mirror!  She said, "this is who I am, I am you and you are me".  She said, will you take ME to the sandbox?  I can show you how to play, cause I don't think you know how."  .....I realized i left her sitting alone there along, long time ago.  Sad, alone, waiting.  We were once again joined by the ringing of the bell, and the sandbox.  We started going everywhere together - sandbox, river, big rock, gentle trees.  I call her "the Little Girl", for she would teach me to play.  She called me "Crow-Soul", cause I liked crows and she knew I would protect her with all my soul.  Each day we felt taller & taller.  We loved going to the sandbox.  The Little Girl said - "The Sandbox Girl is just like us!!"  I will name her -- "THE SANDBOX GIRL".
    We are all pieces of a big jigsaw puzzle.  Put together to make a picture.  We are sky, we are river, we are mountain, We are desert.  We are Sand.  Separate - and unique grain of sand, a wonderous tiny quartz, worn down by time, wind and waater.  Blown together -- making a sand dune, ever changing affected by the wind.  When mixed with water, we form a floor to stand on at the edge of the ocean -- ever changing as the waves roll over us.  

We are the Sand,  I am the Sandbox!           Dedicated to The Sandbox Girl!                                                    CrOwsoul & The Little Girl

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