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Suggsted Reading Resources


She Who Is Lost Is Remembered - Healing From Incest Through Creativity

The Soul's Palette - Drawing on Art's Transformative Powers for Health & Wellbeing

Art Is A Spiritual Path - Pat Allen

The Art Therapy Sourcebook - Cathy Malchiodi

Art As Medicine - Creating a Therapy of the Imagination - Shaun McNiff

Spirituality and Art Therapy -Living The Connection

Painting From the Source - Awakening the Artist's Soul in Everyone

The Creative Journal - The Art of Finding Yourself - Lucia Capacchione, PH.D.

Healing Mandals's - 

Drawing the Light from Within

The Mission of Art - Alex Grey


The Primal Wound:  Understanding TheAdopted Child

Legacy of the Heart:  The spiritual advantages of a painful childhood.   Wayne Muller

Waking the Tiger:  Healing Trauma - Peter A. Levine

Energy Tapping for Trauma - Fred Gallo, PH.D

Healing Developmental Trauma - Laurence Heller/Aline LaPierre

The Body Keeps the Score - Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D.

In An Unspoken Voice - Peter Levind PH.D

Banished Knowledge:  Facing Childhood Injuries -- Alice Miller

The Untouched Key:  Tracing Childhood Trauma in Creativity and Destructiveness

Tje boy who was raised as a dig -- Bruce Perry


Finding Mening In The Second Half Of Life - James Hollis

What Matters Most - Living a More Considered Life - James Hollis

When Things Fall Apart - Heart Advice for Difficult Times - Pema Chodrin

The Places That Scare You - A guide to Fearlessness in Difficult Times - Pema Chodrin

The Different Drum - Scott Peck

The Road Less Traveled - A New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values, Spiritual Growth


The Wisdom of the Enneagram - 

Wired for Love - How understanding your partner's brain and attachment style can help you defuse conflict and build a secure relationship.

Attached:  The New Science of Adult Attachment

Learning to love yourself -- Gay Henfricks

Calling in the one! -- 7 Weeks to Attract the love of your life.

The 5 love languages - the secret to love that lasts!

High Risk Children Without a Conscience

The Verbally Abusive Relationship

Creating an Abuse Free Relationship


The Whole Brain Child

The 7 Spiritual Laws for Parents -- Depak Chopra

Symplified Parenting

Reviving Orphelia - Saving the selves of adolescent girls


People of the LIE - The hope for healing human evil

Care and Feeding of Indigo Children -- Doreen Virtue

Children First - What Society Must Do For Children Today

The Wizard of OZ and other Narcissists - Coping with one-way relationships in Work, Love, & Family

Discovering THE HEALTHY SELF:  And Meaningful Resistance to Toxic Narcissism


When society becomes an addict - Anne Wilson Schaeff

Codependent NOMORE - Melody Beatty

Healing the shame That Binds You - John Bradshaw


Suicide & the Soul - James Hillman






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