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Symbols of the Psyche

 When enter the room of the sandplay therapy therapist we enter a symbolic world. The raw materials of sand and water, the variety of minatures from the real and imaginary world - all carry symbolic meaning.  Each one has the potential to touch one's psyche's and offer healing at a deep unconscious level.  

The purpose of the symbolic process is to help the psyche mature and heal, to move  the client through a process of confronting life's necessary conflicts, connect with the deepest layers of the Self, and return to the life transformed by this hero's journey.

It is not a journey for everyone, nor the faint of heart.  But Sandplay offers a container for the voyage like no other---a solid container where one can find their way through the dark night of the soul and back again, changed, restored, and healed.


"A Hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder.  Fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won.  The hero comes back from this mysterious advadventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man.  (Joseph Campbell)

"The endurance of darkness is the preparation for great light.

The journey is call "The Dark Knight as darkness represents the hardship and difficulties the soul meets in separating from the world and reaching the union of the Light

(St John of the Cross)

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